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Hire our professional Richardson Air Duct Cleaners to help remove dirt, debris, Insects, rodents, cobwebs, and dust particles can make your home’s air vents look nasty. In fact, they deteriorate the overall air quality of your house. Working with a professional company like ours is surely how to get the most bang for your buck as some might say. 
You wouldn’t want your family members to develop breathing difficulties just because you didn’t clean the air vents. But cleaning the air vents may seem an impossible task because they are too far to reach. If you can’t do it alone, contact Certified Air Duct Cleaning right away. We are one of the leading Richardson vent cleaning companies and can make your air vents spot-free within a few hours. Call us at 817-774-9427 to get a free estimate and book an appointment at your convenience.

Advanced Richardson vent cleaning techniques

We are not the typical vent cleaning professionals who remove the loose dirt from the air vents, charge a fortune, and go away. Our advanced cleaning techniques make sure that there is not even a speck of dust left in the walls or crevices of the air vents. Our comprehensive cleaning services include removing grime, cobwebs, and dust particles from air ducts, dryer vents, vent covers, and air returns that may contain air, pet dander, lint, dust, and grime. Here are a few cleaning techniques that we use:

Vent camera inspection

Sometimes, the location of the vent is in such a position that it becomes impossible for us to check it manually. In such cases, we use a vent camera. It slides down through the air vent and gives us a clear picture of the amount of dust we have to deal with. The camera also shows your vent’s layout. We see everything on the monitor and make cleaning plans accordingly.

Air whip

Air vents contain small crevices that are usually difficult to clean. The loose and leftover dust may again flow back into your home. But don’t worry; as long as we are there in your house, we won’t let this happen. In fact, our cleaning session ensures that the air vents don’t develop dirt and grime anytime soon. Once the negative air machine sucks the loose dirt, it’s time for us to clean the crevices. We use an air whip that consists of a long hose. It sprays compressed air through multiple smaller hoses that look like small dots. The high-pressure compressed air hits the crevices and collects the loose dust accumulated in the corners.

Negative air machine

Loose dirt, sediment, and dust can flow easily from the air vents into your room. This may lead to skin rashes or breathing difficulties. Once you hire Certified Vent Inspector, we make sure that the loose dirt cannot go anywhere. After inspecting the air vents, we connect a negative air machine to the vent. This machine’s negative air suction ability removes the dust particles and sediment from the vents.

Spinning brush

This is the penultimate stage of cleaning your home’s air vents. The spinning brush knocks down the stubborn grime that doesn’t seem to let go from the walls of the vents even after a thorough cleaning with the air whip and negative air machine. It pushes down the grime forcefully and makes sure that there is no speck of dust left once we finish cleaning.

Post camera inspection

We use the vent camera again to thoroughly check the condition of the air vents after we finish cleaning them. Post-cleaning inspection is essential to ensure that there are no cobwebs or loose dirt left anywhere. We can also show you the post-cleaning video if you want.
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Why Certified Vent Inspector?

With various vent cleaning companies available in Richardson, why should you hire us? Here are a few qualities that set us apart from the rest.

  • We set high standards – You can always expect the very best from us. Our experienced and certified professionals set high standards with their cleaning techniques. You would be in awe of the air vents once they finish cleaning. We assure you that hiring us would be the best decision for your air vents. Our team will never do anything that would make you question our honesty or dedication.
  • We provide free estimates – You can call and get a free estimate any time you want. Our service charges are usually lower than other service providers in Richardson. We primarily focus on providing thorough cleaning and excellent customer service.
  • We don’t compromise with our services – Just because we have more affordable service charges compared to our competitors doesn’t mean we compromise on our services. Our quotations don’t include any hidden charges. You can compare our rates with other companies before hiring us.

Certified Vent Inspector offers the most comprehensive vent cleaning services in Richardson, Texas. Our unique cleaning methods and state-of-the-art tools and machines ensure that there are no dust particles, sediments, or grime left in the air vents after we finish cleaning them. Call us at 817-774-9427 for a free quotation today.

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