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Certified Air Duct Cleaning brings skill, experience, and cutting-edge technology to keep your home or commercial locations’ ventilation system clean and in optimal function. Clogged vents can pose all kinds of risks to the health and economy of the home — Clogged Dryer vents can even increase the risk of fire hazards on your property. Hire one of our Professional Air Duct Cleaners in Keller for the absolute best experience.

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Worry no longer as Certified Air Duct Cleaning is here with advanced vent cleaning tools and equipment to provide a respected full service vent company. We offer affordable vent repairs/installation along with our detailed air duct and dryer vent cleaning services and many others related to HVAC Duct work. 

At Certified Air duct cleaning we strive to provide our community with only the best Vent cleaning services in Keller that protects the value of the home and eventually pays for itself in a variety of advantages. Read on to learn more about the vents in your residential or commercial locations and how regular maintenance can improve safety and extend the life on your HVAC unit or Dryer.

Primary Advantages of Clean Vents in Keller from Certified Air Duct Cleaning

As time goes by, the vents in the home can become clogged with an array of contaminants that make their way into the vent system. Dust filters do much to minimize the damage to this vent system, but with the passage of time, dirt, dust, and other contaminants make their way past filters and through other apertures in the vents.

Lint from the dryer is another common contaminant. When these build up in large amounts they clog the vent system decreasing its functionality.


Prevent Fires & Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Clogged vents are responsible for thousands of fires each year that do great damage and even claim lives. The contents of this type of clog are highly combustible and only a small spark is enough to set it all ablaze. These fires are not always caught in time to prevent considerable damage. Regular cleanings will keep the vents in your home operating safely and reduce the risk of fire.

Save Money

According to the department of energy, more than 40% of the energy used in the home is consumed by the HVAC and Dryer. By optimizing the functionality of the vents, the dryer will work to complete its task in fewer cycles and less time. The HVAC will also more efficiently cool and warm the location. This is a good way to streamline your regular expenses.

Longer Lasting Appliances

As the strain on your appliances is reduced, they will be less likely to suffer operational problems in the future. In the short-term clean vents mean better functionality and energy savings. In the long term, you will spend less on repairs, maintenance, service, and replacements for your HVAC and Dryer.
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The Dryer & Air Vent Cleaning Method Used By Certified Air Duct Cleaning

We take great pride in the well-appointed process of inspections and cleaning services we provide for property owners in Keller, Texas, and the surrounding area.

Here is what to expect from our superior vent cleaning services:

Vent Camera — we begin each task with a video inspection to ascertain the level of contamination and plan a suitable course of action for addressing the conditions they find.

Spinning Brush — this is the perfect tool for reaching all corners and sides of the vents. All foreign contaminants will be swept out and collected.

Negative Air Machine — to ensure that dust from the vent system is not merely ejected through the vents and around the home, a negative pressure machine is used to pull the contaminants from the home.

Air Whip — after the vents are swept and inspected, we will use an air whip to pull out the very last vestiges of dust and contaminants with compressed air. The air whip is like a long hose with a whip-like tip with several nozzles used to brush the last particle of dust from the vents leaving everything perfectly sanitized.

Post-Camera Inspection — one the final touches have been completed, the camera will be used to inspect the conditions of the vent shaft to ensure the task has been properly completed. We allow the property owner to select the sections of the shaft that they would like to inspect carefully. This provides a measure of peace knowing that you are looking at a job well done.

Before and after vent compare
Before and after vent cleaning service

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We are very proud of our process and the application of our advanced techniques and cutting-edge tools that perform an immaculate cleaning every time. We also offer other services like treating your vents with unscented or scented sanitization.

Our technicians are highly experienced, licensed, bonded, and insured and always provide cordial communications and immaculate work. Call 817-774-9427 now to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives and get a FREE no-commitment quote for your project. We can accommodate the operational needs of your location and show up at any hour of the day or night to fit your schedule.

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