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Successfully providing Hurst Air duct cleaning cleaning for over 2 decades. We strive to give our community only the absolute best vent cleaning experience. Properly licensed, bonded and insured professionals with industry leading tools and equipment to ensure a job well done. 

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Your home’s air vents may become a breeding ground for rodents and insects if you don’t clean them regularly. Moreover, dust particles, pet dander, and cobwebs that grow over time also prevent your HVAC system from working smoothly. There are two consequences to this problem: first of all, you and your family members may develop breathing difficulties. Secondly, your HVAC system would take more time to cool down the rooms, thus consuming more energy. As a result, your monthly energy bills will go up.

The best way to deal with these problems is to clean the vents thoroughly. At Certified Vent Inspector, we provide comprehensive air vent cleaning services in Hurst, Texas at affordable prices. Call us at 817-774-9427 and set up an appointment right away.

Our Hurst Air Vent Cleaning Process

At Certified Air Duct Cleaning, we offer both residential and commercial air vent cleaning services in Hurst. Our 5-step cleaning process ensures that there are no cobwebs, dirt particles, pet dander, or hair strands left in your air ducts. Here’s our cleaning process that sets us apart from our competitors:

1) Camera inspection

We use the a 4k camera to see what’s inside your vents. The camera not only shows the amount of dust accumulated inside but also the duct’s layout. Once we get an idea of the layout, we can plan our cleaning strategy immediately. For example, air ducts that don’t have too many crevices are easier to clean. It’s the camera that helps our experts prepare for the next step.

2) Brush cleaning

Brush cleaning is another effective technique that cleans debris from the crevices of the air ducts. Sometimes, rodents try to build their homes inside air ducts. They bring twigs, small pieces of fabrics, dried leaves, and wires to make their homes nice and cozy. Our brush cleaning machine can get rid of these unwanted things within a few minutes. The brush is responsible for clearing any large objects in the air ducts that may obstruct the free flow of air from your HVAC system.

3) Negative air cleaning

Over the years, we have upgraded our air vent cleaning tools and machines to ensure that they don’t leave any dust inside. The negative air cleaning method is one of the most effective techniques that cleans up loose dirt and pet dander within a few minutes. Our latest negative air pressure machine pulls out the debris accumulated on the walls and corners of the air ducts. This technique also makes sure that the debris doesn’t create a mess in your house.

4) Pressured air cleaning

Pressured air cleaning involves using an air whip that blows away finer dust particles like pet hair and pollens. The high-pressured air whip reaches the nooks and corners of the air ducts and sucks the last particle of dust away.

5) Air duct sanitization

There is hardly any air duct cleaning company in Hurst that would sanitize your air ducts after cleaning them, but we do. We use an EPA-approved sanitization agent to keep your air ducts free from insects or rodents. The fragrance of the sanitization agent would drive the insects away as soon as they try to settle down in the air ducts.
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Detailed Hurst Vent Cleaning Services

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Air vent cleaning is essential for three reasons: to improve the ventilation of your property, improve indoor air quality, and prevent premature wear and tear of the ventilation system. Certified Vent Inspector are experts at cleaning air vents. Our certified and insured professionals are always at your service whenever you need thorough air vent cleaning.

At Certified Vent Inspector, we strive to provide the best air vent cleaning services. We feel that our reputation is in your hands. If we are not able to satisfy you with our services, your reviews will leave a long-lasting negative impression on potential customers. Therefore, we make sure that once we step into your property, we will do everything possible to clean your air ducts and dryer vents until you feel fully satisfied.

If you want your air vents to be spot-free, don’t hesitate to call Certified Vent Inspector at 817-774-9427. We will provide a free quote immediately and answer any questions you may have regarding your air ducts, dryer vents, or HVAC system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a camera?

Yes, all of our vent cleaning technicians are equipped with 4k camera that can go up to 300 feet!

Do you do commercial Vents?

Yes! We provide a wide variety of commercial vent cleaning services to all of Hurst, TX!

Are You Local?

Yes, we are local to Hurst, TX! Have successfully serviced Hurst for many years.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we are properly licensed, bonded and insured. 

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes, we provide free over the phone estimates and for special circumstanes free on-site estimates. 

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