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FAQs on Vent Cleaning, Vent Inspections, Vent Sanitization & More!

What is air duct cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is the removal of dirt, debris, dust, and mold from your heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) system’s air ducts.

Why clean my air ducts?

Air ducts accumulate dust, dirt, debris, and bacteria over time. Mold and fungi can also grow inside the air ducts if there is moisture present or water damage to the ventilation system. These contaminants affect the indoor air quality of your premises and are a potential health risk for occupants, causing irritation and triggering allergies. It is necessary to regularly have your air ducts cleaned to improve the air quality of your premises and avoid any potential health problems.

How often should I have my air ducts cleaned?

While there is no industry standard for how frequently you should clean your air ducts, we recommend having your vents cleaned every two to four years, depending on how regularly you use your air conditioning system and where you live. However, you should have them cleaned more often if:

You have pets that regularly shed hair.

There has been recent water damage to your system, or you suspect mold has grown inside the vents. You can identify the growth of mold by its musty odor, so if you notice such a smell in your house, we recommend you have your vents checked up to see if they need cleaning or repair.

There are renovations or remodeling taking place. Such projects produce a lot of dust and debris that accumulate in your air vents and clog them up.

Anyone smokes cigarettes or cigars in the house.

There are occupants with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory health complications.

You live in a dusty or smoky environment.

Your house is located in humid or moist surroundings.

You hear buzzing or scratching within the vents or have witnessed pests entering or leaving the vents.

How long will the air duct cleaning process take?

The time it takes to have your air ducts cleaned varies depending on the size and complexity of the system. Generally, it takes two to four hours to clean a standard residential HVAC system. Commercial HVAC systems can take a full day or more to properly clean. When our trained technicians arrive at your premises, they should give you an estimate of the time it will take.

What are the benefits of cleaning my air ducts?

A clean HVAC system prevents the spread of pathogens and allergens that can cause irritation and allergic reactions for occupants on your premises. It can also help remove the musty smell produced by mold growth and odors caused by pests inhabiting the air vents, improving your home’s atmosphere. Finally, dust and debris can build up and block your air ducts.

This makes the system work harder to move air through the system, increasing energy consumption and in turn, shooting up your energy bill. Cleaning the air ducts improves the airflow of the ventilation system, improving the efficiency of the system. This leads to lower energy bills and increased longevity of the HVAC system.

How much does air duct cleaning cost?

The cost of the service depends on factors such as your location, the materials your air ducts are made of, how dirty they are, and how accessible they are to the technician, among others. We provide our customers with a free estimate before we start any job so you will have full details of the service and time limits too. Contact DFW Vent Cleaners today if you have any questions about your HVAC system or are in need of service.

What is air duct sanitization?

Air duct sanitization is a service done after your air vents are cleaned. The sanitizer is applied to your air ducts through negative air pressure to coat the entire interior of the air ducts. The sanitizer leaves no lingering smell and is safe to use.

How does air duct sanitization differ from air duct cleaning?

Air duct cleaning only removes dirt, dust, and debris from the ventilation system. Sanitization, on the other hand, disinfects the air duct system by killing any allergens and mold lingering in the air ducts while also preventing any further growth of fungi and bacteria. The sanitizer’s effect lasts for around six months after application.

Why should I have my air vents sanitized?

Air vent sanitization can be very beneficial for your home. If you or your loved ones suffer from allergies or asthma, it helps remove any triggers or allergens for you. It also helps during winter by inhibiting mold growth and reducing germs that may spread through the ventilation system. We recommend that you sanitize your vents every few years if you are sensitive to allergens or have asthma, or if some moisture recently got into your ventilation system.

What is ventilation inspection?

Air vent inspection is the checkup and analysis of a home, business, or industrial ventilation system for regular maintenance and to ensure the safety and health of the occupants in the building. The inspection checks for:

  • Dirty air ducts that need cleaning.
  • Any leaks that could be reducing the efficiency and performance of the ventilation system.
  • Sagging, cracking, or damaged air ducts that are in need of repair.
Why should I have a ventilation inspection?

Ventilation system inspection is done to ensure proper running and safeguard the health and safety of residents in a building. Neglecting your ventilation system can lead to poor indoor air quality in your premises and can cause damage to or failure of the entire system. You can inspect it yourself to check for leakages and dirt buildup, but it is best to leave it to professionals who have the proper equipment and can check hard-to-reach areas of the system. Certified Air Duct Cleaning has a qualified team of experts who will perform a thorough inspection for you and take the necessary next step based on their findings.

How do I know if I need my dryer vent cleaned?

If your dryer runs hotter than usual, leaves a musty smell after use, or takes more than one time to dry your clothes, it might be time for you to find a professional to clean your dryer vent.

Do I need dryer vent cleaning?

Like other home appliances, dryers need regular maintenance to ensure longevity and maintain efficiency over time. Routine dryer vent cleaning minimizes drying time, keeps the dryer running efficiently, and prevents fires caused by lint buildup. Dryer vent fires are a prevalent cause of home fires in the United States. Dryer vents need to be cleaned regularly to alleviate this risk.

How often should I have my dryer vents cleaned?

Appliance manufacturers recommend professional dryer vent inspection and cleaning at least once a year. However, this duration varies depending on several factors. We recommend having your dryer vents cleaned every one to three years depending on:


  • How often do you use your dryer? If you use it a lot, you need to get it cleaned more often.
  • The size of your dryer.
  • How old your dryer is. An older dryer has to be cleaned more regularly.
  • The length of the dryer vent. A longer vent will build up more lint and will have to be cleaned more regularly than a shorter vent.
  • Positioning of the vent. A vent with bends and elbows tends to collect more lint compared to a straight-run vent.

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