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As a homeowner or business owner, you probably take measures to ensure your dryer vent is clean by removing the filter screen and returning after each couple of laundry days. However, while this does help keep the dryer vent stay clean, it does not always clean the venting going outside the home or business. 

Calling a professional vent cleaning company like Certified Air Duct Cleaning is the surest way to ensure you do not expose your home or business to the risks of a clogged vent. Call Certified Air Duct Cleaning to get your your ducts cleaned in Euless,TX or if you need vent repairs and installation we can help with that! We are a full service vent company.

Once you keep the vent clean you can;

1. Prevent dryer fires 

Lint build-up in your dryer vent can cause a fire on the property. It is not uncommon to find fires that start in the dryer room because of lint and particle accumulation in the dryer vent system. The particles are not always visible to the naked eye, which means they can accumulate without notice and become a fire hazard.

2. Get lower utility bills

A clogged vent needs to work harder to keep your clothes dry. One of the ways to tell if your dryer vent is clogged is when the laundry takes longer than normal to dry. This usually means you are paying higher utility bills because of the dryer. Getting Certified Air Duct Cleaning to clean your vent is one of the ways to get lower bills.

3. Eliminate odors from the laundry room

 If you have often walked into your laundry room and noticed any odor, it could be the clogged dryer vent. Getting it cleaned by professionals is the surest way to get rid of nasty odors.

Before and after dirty vent
Before and after vent cleaning pic 1
Before and after clean comparison

Once you call us for vent cleaning at Certified Air Duct Cleaning In Euless, we will remove all dust, dirt, debris, pet dander, lint, and any other foreign objects in your dryer vent using our foolproof procedure.

Our Vent Cleaning procedure includes;

– Inspection using vent camera – The camera is inserted to enable us to see the extent of the debris and lint in your vent. We also get to see the layout of the vent so that there is minimal risk of damage during cleaning.

– Insertion of negative air machine – It sucks out all the dust, sediment, and loose dirt from each vent.

– Cleaning with the Spinning Brush – This is a special brush that runs down each vent to clean the rest of the dirt and knock loose any remaining particles.

– Cleaning with the Air Whip – This tool is essentially a long hose with a whip attached at the end. The hose sprays compressed air from smaller hoses which remove any leftover particles from the previous step.

– Post cleaning camera inspection – We insert the camera into the vents once more to ascertain that all the debris and dust have been eliminated.

Call Certified Air Duct Cleaning today and get the best vent cleaning in Euless

Plenty of experience allows us to clean your vent system and remove any debris, dust, or blockage without causing damage. We are familiar with most of the dryer vent types and use the right equipment to clean each.

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company. While hiring us, you can be sure that we are licensed and trained technicians. Our insurance ensures that you will not have to pay additional costs in case of damage to the vents during the cleaning process.

We clean your home or business dryer vents at an affordable price. Call us at Certified Vent Inspector to get professional and affordable vent cleaning.

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