Vent Cleaning by Certified Air Duct Cleaning In Duncanville

The work of ventilation systems in your residential, commercial, and industrial locations mostly takes place behind the scenes. Certified Air Duct Cleaning provides professional vent inspection and cleaning services in Duncanville, Texas.

Certified Air Duct Cleaning hasassembled a team of highly-qualified cleaning technicians with a passion for excellence and a professional goal: to provide valuable services to the residents of Duncanville and the surrounding region. We offer valuable services that will improve the safety and economy of your home at a competitive rate.

If you haven’t had the vents in your residential or commercial location inspected or cleaned recently, or are unsure of the conditions of your vents, this article is for you. Let’s take a closer look at vents, the important function they play, and how Certified Air Duct Cleaning can improve the safety and economy of your location in Duncanville, Texas.

Primary Advantages of Clean Vents in Duncanville, Texas from Certified Air Duct Cleaning

As time passes, the ventilation shafts of your home will begin to collect an assortment of dust, dirt, and other particulate matter. This can include fine dust particles that make it around air filters as well as other contaminants that enter through other apertures in the vent system.

When the vents in the home or commercial location are clogged, they are not performing their vital function. This can pose some problems that are best avoided. Here are some of the benefits of having your vents cleaned by the professionals at Certified Air Duct Cleaning


Prevent Fires

Clogged vents can pose a fire hazard that causes thousands of fires across the country each year. This happens because the buildup of pollutants and contaminants in the vents can be especially flammable. The slightest spark or elevated temperature and the resulting fire may cause much damage before it is controlled.

Clean Fresh Air

clean sanitized vents provide clean sanitized air throughout your home or commercial location. Keep your environment free from mold spores, allergens, and dust by keeping your vents regularly cleaned.

Reduced Energy Expenses

according to statistics by the Department of energy, the HVAC and Dryer account for as much as 40% of the total energy consumption of the home. Clogged vents cause dryers and HVAC units to work harder to perform their function and this is not efficient. By improving the function of the vents, energy and cash can be saved.

Preserve HVACs and Dryers

strained appliances will not last as long and will be prone to more breakdowns. Cleaning the vents will allow these appliances to function optimally and reduce the need for repairs, service, and costly replacements.

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The Vent Cleaning Method Used By Certified Air Duct Cleaning

At Certified Air Duct Cleaning we practice a fine method of vent cleaning that includes techniques based on years of experience on the job, and an array of industry-leading equipment. Here is what to expect from our superior Duncanville vent cleaning service:


Vent Camera

No guesswork! We will run a specially designed camera down the length of the vents to inspect the conditions before we begin. This will allow us to plan our services carefully for optimal results.

Spinning Brush

This innovative tool is allowing us to pull all the largest contaminants from the ventilation shafts before we remove finer particulate matter from harder-to-reach places.

Negative Air Machine

To control the dust created in this cleaning process, we will attach a negative pressure device to the vent system to pull all the dust outside of the home.

Air Whip

To ensure that even the last vestiges of particulate matter are pulled from the home’s vent system, we will use an air whip, which is like a broom of compressed air. This is used to sweep clean at the end of the task leaving the interior of the vent immaculately clean.

Post-Camera Inspection

When the work is complete, we will visually confirm the conditions of the vent with a remote camera. The property owner will be allowed to choose which sections of the vent system they would like to see. Inspect, this can allow for some peace of mind when you see a job well done.

Final notes on Clean Vents in Duncanville, Texas — by Certified Air Duct Cleaning

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