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DFW Vent Cleaners is a company that is committed to helping the people of Coppell, Texas receive the best Coppell Air duct cleaning services in the state. We only employ qualified technicians that use equipment and tools that can clean your air ducts effectively. We specialize in commercial and residential air duct cleaning, beginning with a vent camera inspection. We can provide all of this at a very affordable cost. If you have been searching for affordable high-quality vent cleaners in the Coppell area, here is why you should contact DFW Vent Cleaners for all of your air duct cleaning needs.

Affordable Coppell Vent Cleaners

Striving to be the best
Our company can provide you with professional air duct cleaning services starting with our five-step cleaning procedure. This is unlike anything that our competitors offer, allowing us to provide our customers with the best possible services. Not only can we assist you with the air ducts for your HVAC system, but we can also clean your dryer vents the proper way. We use state-of-the-art technology, combined with our years of vent cleaning services, to keep your air quality and air ducts thoroughly clean. We also have a five-step cleaning procedure that allows us to remove up to 99% of contaminants in your air ducts and home.

Why You Can Trust Our Company – Our business is fully bonded and licensed to provide these services in the state of Texas. We are also a fully insured vent cleaning company. Our employees are all certified and thoroughly trained on how to clean air ducting systems, dryer vents, air returns, and even vent and register covers. Whether you have an abundance of hair, pet dander, lint or just dust in your vents, we can extract it promptly. By using our company, you can minimize the potential of fire risk, as well as improve the air quality in your home.

Our Five-Step Cleaning Procedure

Unmatched Vent Cleaning Process
What sets us apart from other air duct cleaning businesses is our 5 step cleaning procedure. We will begin with using a vent camera to inspect all of your air ducts. This will be done both before and after the job is completed. This will allow us to analyze the condition inside of your air ducts, ensuring that we will clean every square inch of the ducting surface area. Next, we will use our negative air machine which is a high-tech vacuum that can extract sediment, dust, and loose dirt. Then 3rd, we will use a spinning brush that will help push down any unwanted or foreign objects that are inside of the vent, plus remove loose dirt and dust that has collected.  Fourth, we use an air whip which is a very long hose, with an attachment on the end, that will spray compressed air to get residual dust that could remain. Finally, we will perform our after camera inspection to make sure that every part of your air ducting system is absolutely clean. It is because of this thorough procedure that we perform that many of our clients continue to use us
Giving you what you deserve!
Cleaned vent inside

Brush To Knock Dirt & Debris Loose


High Pressured Air For Fine Dirt & Dust


Camera Inspection - Visual 4k View


Sanitization Agent - EPA Approved


High Powered Suction


Efficient & Thorough Clean Up Process


Quality At It's Finest

Dallas UV Light Sanitization Filter Break Down Chart

How We Can Improve Air Quality At Your Home Or Business With Air Filtration systems


In addition to these services, we can also use an air filtration system with an air scrubber. It is able to disinfect and clean surfaces in your home, as well as the air that you breathe, removing nearly all microorganisms.

This is ideal for people that have allergies, asthma, or if they suffer from getting the flu or the common cold regularly. Our system uses certified space technology in order to remove 99% of harmful contaminants from every surface and 90% of airborne contaminants in your home.

Professional Coppell Vent Cleaners
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Service Coppell, TX?
Yes, we provide all of our services to Coppell, TX. 
Are you properly Insued?
Can I get pictures or video sent to me?
Yes, upon request we can email them too you.
How does billing work?
We take payment after work is completed and approved by our customer.
What kinds of payment do you accept?
Card, Cash, Check, Venmo & More upon request

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