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Many contaminants accumulate in air duct systems over time. This is an unavoidable problem due to the action of moving a large amount of air around with the use of a powerful HVAC system. This means that your enterprise requires an effective plan to handle all these things to ensure your indoor air quality remains fresh and clean.

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Without regular cleaning schedules for the circulation system in your building, which includes the air ducts, you will start to notice air quality loss. This can quickly turn into a big problem for employees, customers, and for anyone else that visits your establishment.

To avoid these situations, you should contact experienced professionals so that they can help you to establish a maintenance schedule according to the exact requirements of your establishment.

At Certified Air Duct Cleaning, we have a highly skilled technician team that has the experience and knowledge required to assist you with establishing an efficient and sensible air duct cleaning schedule after we have inspected the air circulation systems and ductwork in your building.

When you work with our company to maintain fresh and clean air in your building, you will reap impressive benefits of healthier and happier employees and provide a safe and cleaner environment for your visitors and customers.

What Is Involved In Commercial DFW Air Duct Cleaning?

The Importance is more than meets the eye

Think of the HVAC system and air ducts in your building as the “lungs” that it will use to breathe. When those “lungs” start building up unwanted dust, particles, and other contaminants such as mold, the energy that is needed to effectively circulate air will start increasing while the air quality that circulates to all the occupants inside the building will start dropping.

This will mean that cleaning the system out regularly will reduce a number of health risks such as allergies or breathing problems in your employees, and it is also an excellent way for you to save time and money on energy costs.

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The DFW Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Process

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If you would like to have your air ducts cleaned at your commercial establishment, but you are concerned about what this may entail, here is a quick overview of the commercial cleaning services that we provide.

We start our air duct cleaning process by inspecting the vents using cameras to make sure there are no disconnects or breaks in the system. From here, we hook up a vacuum (negative air pressure machine) followed by running brushes down the main trunk line and each vent. After this process, we run an air cleaning high pressured procedure that removes any debris and fine dirt left behind from the brushing process.

The brushes that we use knock debris, particles, and dirt loose while bringing back any larger objects. Once we have completed the process with our whips and high-pressure air clean, we move on to the last step which involves sanitizing all your vents. The sanitizing product that we use is safe and EPA-approved. You also have the option of choosing a sanitizer without or with a scent.

The Importance Of Cleaning Air Ducts In Commercial Buildings

There are many benefits involved in getting the air ducts cleaned in your commercial building. Some of these include:


A dirty filtration system and air ducts lower the quality of indoor air in workspaces which will lead to health issues along with complaints from your workforce or customers. Improving the air quality in your commercial building will lead to a decrease in time that is lost by workers that take time off when they are forced to recover from allergies or any other problem that arises from inhaling polluted air. All the occupants in the building can breathe easier when you have the ducts cleaned.


Unpleasant odors or strange smells will be removed when you have your air ducts cleaned. Dirty ducts often result in odors that are unpleasant in the working environment of the building. Cleaning the air ducts regularly will freshen the air and remove unpleasant smells that you would probably find very difficult or impossible to remove using any other method.


Your energy bills will decrease rather than rise every year since your HVAC system will start to become a lot more energy efficient after every cleaning. Air is allowed to flow easily and more freely when the ducts are clean. Your HVAC system will also not strain since it won’t need to overwork in order to keep a consistent temperature. This increase in efficiency will help to lower your electric or gas bills that arise from air-conditioning.


Air ducts that are clogged up with dirt and grime can also pose fire risks. When heated air flows through dirty air ducts over the colder months, this can lead to a fire igniting. The air ducts should be cleaned so that debris, dirt, and contaminants are removed which are the particles that could burn.

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In addition to the health concerns associated with inhaling unclean or low-quality air, there are also energy costs that you should be thinking about. As contaminants, dust, and dirt accumulate inside the air ducts or any of the parts of the building’s system, the energy required will increase dramatically so that air can be pushed throughout the building. Over time, your energy bills will start to increase, since the system will be forced to work a lot harder.

When the system in your building is forced to work harder to circulate the air, these parts will also start wearing out quicker than expected. Over the long term, this translates into money that you are losing on your energy bills along with unexpected costs linked with having to repair or replace the equipment or parts in your establishment.

Rather than having to worry about such concerns, decide to work with a professional company such as Certified Air Duct Cleaning in DFW so that we can regularly inspect your system and give you advice on when parts should be replaced or repaired. This will allow you to plan for those types of expenses or avoid them altogether with the correct cleaning procedures.

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What Type Of Commercial Buildings Do We Clean?

Commercial buildings that we provide cleaning services to are any place where business activities are carried out. Examples of these include:


Industrial buildings (manufacturing facilities and workshops


Healthcare centers like clinics and hospitalsRestaurants and hotels


Restaurants and hotels




Office buildings


Retail spaces


Office buildings

The ability to enjoy fresh and clean air inside a building often has an instant impact when it comes to all the occupants in a building, yet it is frequently overlooked when it comes to regular cleaning schedules. When you allow contaminants, dust, and dirt to flow through a building, the situation will get a lot worse since the air quality will carry on declining as these particles will start attaching to other surfaces like carpets and upholstery.

To prevent these situations, contact the Best Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Service in DFW so that we can inspect your building and assess your current situation. We will then provide you with the best available options to ensure that all the occupants in your building will carry on enjoying the advantages of improved air quality while they go about their day-to-day routines.

Certified Air Duct Cleaning is focused on providing premium quality air duct commercial cleaning services. Our team of technicians uses industry-leading equipment and tools to make sure we get your air ducts cleaned.

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