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As a property owner, you may not always know that your vents may be filled with dirt, lint, dust, debris, and other particles. A congested dryer vent could become the cause of a fire in your home. It can happen suddenly when the dryer is running, and the effects can be devastating. It is always advisable to get the lint and debris in your vent cleaned by professionals like our Burleson Air Duct Cleaners to prevent the occurrence of fires from flammable lint.

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Are you a resident of Burleson, TX, in need of an air duct cleaning Or dryer vent cleaning service that you can trust?

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Certified Air Duct Cleaning in Burleson is the company to call. We are dryer vent cleaning experts and have the necessary skills and tools to ensure that the dryer vents for your home or business are spotless.

If you are wondering when to call us to clean your dryer vent buildup, here are some signs that your dryer vent is blocked;

-if the dryer is not drying your laundry at all or is taking longer than usual to dry clothes.
-if you notice lint when you check the exterior part of the dryer vent
-if there is no air blowing out when the dryer is running.

It is best to clean the lint screen after every few times of using the dryer. Since cleaning this way does not always mean that all debris in the dryer vent is out, it is advisable to schedule dryer vent cleaning services periodically. If you are a business, cleaning the lint screen after each load is best.

Our Burleson Air Duct Cleaning Process

Before and After vent cleaning with great results

Certified Air duct cleaning is a Full service vent company with plenty of experience and the right equipment to clean your Air Ducts for your residential or commercial property while ensuring the lint and other debris are not a fire hazard in your home or business. Once you call us, we arrive promptly and use the following procedure to clean vents. 

(i) Inspection using a vent camera – We run a camera down the vents to see how far the blockage has gone and whether there are any rodents or debris that could be inside. We also get a layout of the system to minimize the risk of damage during the job.

(ii) Negative Air Machine – We connect a large air machine to each vent. The machine sucks out all the dirt, dust, and lint build-up in your dryer vent.

(iii) Cleaning the vents using the spinning brush – This is a tool that is effective in loosening the dirt in the dryer vent. The brush also pushes down any foreign objects in the vent.

(iv) Air whip cleaning – The air whip is a long hose that has a whip attached at the end. The end has smaller hoses that produce compressed air. It is effective in cleaning the lint and dirt in the crevices. It is essential in ensuring that all the debris is removed effectively.

(v) Post-cleaning inspection – We place the camera in the dryer vents to see whether the job has been done effectively. This part is not always necessary, but we do it for customers that need to confirm that the vents are spotless indeed.

Additionally, we have some products that can be installed to ensure the dryer vent is not compromised. These are;

Birdbox – It is a vent cover placed outside the dyer vent to prevent rodents and insects from crawling into the vents.

Air Scrubber Plus – An air purification device that is installed in the HVAC system. It filters the air that goes in so that your home or business will always have the best quality of air. It also sterilizes the air going in by use of UV lights.

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We are a vent cleaning and repair company that provides legitimate cleaning services for residents of Burleson, TX. You can rest assured that in case of any damage during the job caused by our crew will be taken care of and that you will not have to pay extra costs. Our technicians are fully licensed and trained experts.

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We do a thorough job at competitive rates. You can call us for a quote and schedule our vent cleaning or repair/install services. We strive to provide only the best rates with the best possible service in mind. We have upfront and honest pricing structures for all of our clients. 

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