Our HVAC system controls the air quality of the home. It’s also where pesky critters might enter to escape their typical adventure of climbing on your walls and bedpost. We wouldn’t be able to do much in the hot summer heat if we were stuck with it inside our homes. Thankfully, our air conditioning unit protects us from the elements. While we may think having a traditional unit with only traditional components is enough to offset those warmer temps, we’re leaving ourselves at risk of having a safe haven for bugs and mold when UV lights aren’t added into the mix.

UV lights help improve a HVAC unit by shining a blue gleam onto those pesky critters that’s strong enough to kill them. There are many benefits to having one installed in your HVAC unit. A lot of these benefits are well worth the small cost of having it installed. Let’s take a look and see how having UV lights might make your air conditioning unit work better.

Takes On Mold and Bacteria

Our air conditioning unit must stay dry, or it becomes a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Regardless of how clean your home is, bacteria accumulating in the ducts brings forth the possibility of illness and infection. Mold can be deadly, especially if you begin to accumulate black mold which can give you a severe respiratory illness. UV lights works with your HVAC system to keep it dry from any water that might accumulate there. Water is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. It’s all done by decreasing micros on the coil as the UV light shines on it.

A Lowered Energy Bill

UV lights keep your energy unit in working order. When a HVAC system is working properly, less energy is required to run it. This saved energy means a much less staggering energy bill for you at the end. A HVAC system that’s truly working properly also means less repairs. You’ll be able to save money on both repairs and energy expenses when you choose to have UV lights installed in your HVAC system.

Improves the Efficiency of the Unit

Microorganisms can work to block proper airflow in a unit, thus inhibiting the air conditioning aspect of your HVAC unit from producing a proper, cooling air flow. To have a unit that’s running at a smoother pace and is working less hard to keep your temperature controlled, add UV lights to help destroy these microorganisms before they cause serious blockage in the unit. Your unit may wear over time if it’s trying to disperse air and is blocked by microorganism build up. It can cause your unit to have to work harder to push the air out. Getting UV lights installed puts less pressure on your unit when it comes to producing a proper air supply.

An Increased Amount of Airflow

Your filters can only do so much when it comes to blocking bacteria build up. Having a system that’s producing a great amount of air flow means having the right filters in place. While they certainly aid in keeping the amount of air flow consistent and strong, there’s no harm in adding a little helper to keep your air flow at a consistently strong level for a longer period of time. UV lights help to increase the amount of air flow so that you may have an air conditioning and heating unit that’s actually good at keeping your winters warm and your summers cool.

Reduces Allergens

What’s outside will certainly come in once you open the door and put your dirt-contaminated shoes on the carpet. Plenty of things in the home trap things like pollen inside. The furniture, the carpet, and the air all have something to do with the level of pollen inside the home. UV lights work to help destroy pollen before you start to get that stuffy nose it creates.

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